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Welcome to Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds!  Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds is my food, travel and lifestyle blog. As a published author, restaurant reviewer, photographer and prolific blogger, Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds is where I share what I have been up to.  I hope you enjoy my stories of fabulous foodie finds, travel destinations, great walks, relaxing stops, farm visit, recipes and sometime just a bit of totally unrelated whimsy.
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“happiness held is the seed,
happiness shared is the flower”

John Harrison

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Red Hill Brewery… annual hop harvest on the Mornington Peninsula

Hops. I wonder who it was that first made the connection that resulted in this [...]

Bass & Flinders Gin Masterclass… mastering the art of gin making, or trying to…

It is no secret that I love gin. I like to think that I loved [...]

Lychee Divine… sensational lychee liqueurs from the Fraser Coast

Regional Foodie visits the home of Lychee Divine; lychee growers and producers of some sensational [...]

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Peonies… the most beautiful wedding flower of them all!

I have a favourite flower… well, that is actually not quite true, I have a [...]

All I want for Christmas is a… donkey?

I recently had the opportunity to visit a number of producers while working on a [...]

Stories of my Childhood -The Nürnberger Trichter

I recently visited my dad and when scouring through the bookshelves, as I always do [...]

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Eat Drink and be Straddie… tales and tastes from an island in the sun

It is no secret, I love a good book. I love it even more when [...]

Love and Other Dangerous Chemicals – Anthony Capella

I am a huge fan of Anthony Capella and his fabulously charming foodie fables, The Food [...]

The Last Chinese Chef

I hate to say it, but I have never really been that much of a [...]


Oyster & Mussel Chowder

This Oyster and Mussel Chowder was kindly supplied by Janet Fleming on our recent visit [...]

Wasabi Cured Kingfish Recipes

I love curing fish. I have previously posted some recipes of some cured kingfish, but [...]

Tempura Onion Flowers

My recent visit to The Falls Farm saw me come home with a bunch of [...]

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