Honouring traditional artisan sourdough baking – Ten Acres – best bread ever!

I grew up eating sourdough, and sourdough rye. It was pretty much the only type of bread we ate in my family. In my early school years I used to squirm every time I opened my lunchbox. Other kids got sliced Tip Top white bread with vegemite or honey, maybe even with hundreds and thousands [...]

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Lord Byron Distillery… A ‘spiritual’ journey with provenance – Byron Bay’s newest distillery

Lord Byron Distillery is one of those distillery stories I aspire to… We often reflect on provenance when it comes to our food. Who grows it, the ethics of animal husbandry, organic, chemical free, the passions, etc. But when it comes to what we drink, we stop short. We might be concerned with how pure [...]

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FAN – Food Agribusiness Network Social Media Workshop – Sophie Hansen visits Kandanga Farm Store

I have to say, I really enjoyed yesterday’s FAN (Food Agribusiness Network) Workshop with the wonderfully insightful Sophie Hansen at Kandanga Farm Store / Kandanga Kitchen. Sophie Hansen led a workshop on photography and food styling for social media, in specific, Instagram. Sophie is the lovely individual behind Local is Lovely and My Open Kitchen, [...]

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Red Hill Brewery… annual hop harvest on the Mornington Peninsula

Hops. I wonder who it was that first made the connection that resulted in this humble herb’s flower becoming the primary ingredient of beer. Living on the Sunshine Coast, hops is not something that is grown readily – it is more suited to the colder, less humid climates – so there are not too many [...]

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Lychee Divine… sensational lychee liqueurs from the Fraser Coast

Regional Foodie visits the home of Lychee Divine; lychee growers and producers of some sensational lychee liqueurs and wines, produced on the Fraser Coast. The Sunshine Coast boasts many wonderful tropical fruits, and a favourite of mine, would have to be the lychee. It is a pretty little fruit. A bright red armour-like shell protects [...]

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Noosa Earth – Urban Oyster Mushroom Farming at its best – FAN Farm Visit

Regional Foodie makes an onsite visit to Noosaville’s most popular urban farm, oyster mushroom growers, Noosa Earth, as part of FAN’s (Food and Agribusiness Network) farm and factory tours for network members. Truth be known, it was not my first visit to Noosa Earth, having visited last year, but as part of FAN’s ongoing commitment [...]

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Waiheke Island – Glorious Countryside, Sensational food and Fabulous Wines

Over the years I have visited New Zealand a number of times, which made it all the more wondrous to me that I had never heard of Waiheke Island. Waiheke Island is probably one of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets. However, since returning home, upon mentioning it to fellow travellers and friends, I have discovered it [...]

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Baranbali Farm… a Sunshine Coast farm story that dreams are made of

Baranbali Farm, is the farm story that dreams are made of. It has all of the dreamy elements; the rolling green hills of the Witta landscape unravelling before you, beautiful rippling waters of an amply sized dam filling the void in between. Sheep, horses, pigs, cattle, chickens and ducks. Vegie gardens. Wonderful out buildings and [...]

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