I have wanted to visit Hinterland Feijoas for quite some time, but only just managed a visit last week as part one of the FAN – Food and Agribusiness Network events last week for the How To Run A Successful Farm Gate Workshop.

Hinterland Feijoas is a grower of that much sought after Kiwi fruit, the Feijoa, and they have successfully managed to merge the world of farming and food tourism, welcoming visitors from all over the world to their wonderful little patch of earth in Belli Park.


Sally and Peter Hookey provided some valuable insights to the world of food tourism, and starting a farm gate. Sally generously shared the story of their own journey in farming, as well as some things to keep in mind even before you begin your journey; planning, what to look for in a property, council regulations, food labelling, food safety – the whole gamut. FAN secretary and Sunshine Coast lawyer, Tony Sowden, filled in some gaps in regards to legalities for farm gates and protective structures, reiterating prevention is always better than cure – do your research and due diligence!

As an ambassador of FAN, if your are in the farming or food and agribusiness community, I highly recommend you come to a FAN event or workshop, or better still, become a member, and benefit from the volume of information shared, fabulous friends and acquaintances made and valuable collaborations developed.

FAN events aside, visit Hinterland Feijoas anyway. You will love it!

Feijoas are currently out of season, but there is plenty to see and do anyway. Meet Myrtle, the caravan-come-kitchen and coffee van which is becoming a character in ‘her’ own right. Meet a very inquisitive horse, Shetland ponies, dog, goats and other members of the family… oh, and Sally and Peter as well!

Hinterland Feijoas is open to visitors on Saturday only. You can drop in for a coffee and cake, sit back and enjoy your surrounds, and your new family, or you can wander the orchard and say hello to the resident animals… they will say hello to you regardless.

And don’t forget to visit the farm shop, where you can buy some of the wonderfully tasty Hinterland Feijoa products as well pastured eggs, ginger and turmeric and some delightful locally made gifts to take home – and feijoas when in season.

Great day out. You will love it.

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This story was written by Petra Hughes – Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds