regional foodie

Food, for me, is as much about the experience as it is about the pleasure of actually eating. It calls into play all of the senses; sight, sound, taste, touch and smell and added to the mix is the environment in which it all takes place. It is a series of indulgences, moments savoured and memories created, and the added bonus is it keeps us nourished. Of course it has to be good. I have no tolerance for the mediocre, the less than average or god forbid, downright bad.

Somewhere along the way, I became this great indulger of all things food, something I am very passionate about – I could do worse! I love to dine in, I love to eat out. I love to cook, I love to be cooked for. I love to read about food and foodies and everything within the realm of food. I love the smell, the taste, the textures – there is not a thing about food that does not in some way capture my imagination. It’s also as much about the imagery. That is how I came to be a food photographer, creator and passionate consumer. Whether it is the produce itself, or the producers, I find the whole food connection fascinating and more over fun.

Essentially that is what it has turned into; a life filled with food and fun, friends and family all playing a part.

I celebrate the food within my region – or any other region that I happen to be in at the time. Through that celebration I hope to introduce you to other foodies, just like me, chefs and restaurateurs, restaurants, producers, places and well, anything food and anything that comes along with it – the friends, the fun, the music, the wine…

It is a journey of celebration of our regional foodies, one of which I hope you will all join.

So celebrate with me and…

…let’s all be regional foodies!