Life of Pi

A number of years ago, a girlfriend gave me a book, Life of Pi, for my birthday. Written by Yann Martel, it was not a book, or author, that I had ever heard of, and reading the blurb, I felt it an unlikely that I would be interested in it, let alone really enjoy it. [...]

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The Last Chinese Chef

I hate to say it, but I have never really been that much of a fan of Chinese cuisine - Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese yes, but Chinese falls in the ‘not that inspiring’ department for me.  I know that is not always true, but other than Peking duck, there is not a lot on a [...]

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Via Italia

I have a little favourite place I go… while it is in actual fact a restaurant, for the purpose of this review, I am going to classify it as more of a café as it is in the context of a café that I find myself here so often… I am talking about Via Italia.  [...]

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