Fergburgers… best burgers in Queenstown, and everywhere else…

For me Queenstown was a lot of firsts… First ski trip, first zipline, first hot air balloon ride, first helicopter flight, first white water raft, first (and only) proposal, and… first Fergburger. Well, considering that you can only get a Fergburger in Queenstown, the fact that it was always going to be a first is [...]

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Truffles… the greatest winter wonder of them all, at The Golden Pig

Truffles… such an odd and unlikely ingredient, yet it is one that is entirely intriguing. Who would have thought that an ugly little ball of fungus could stir such fervour and emotion and be such a prize possession in the gastronomic world? I admit… I used to wonder what the big deal was. I thought [...]

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BridgeClimb Sydney… the best city views in Sydney!

It is debatable which of Sydney’s two icons, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, is the more scenic/popular/iconic. It would be hard to choose. But take into account the rich history, the incredible construction, the stunning vantage point, the starkness against the skyline, and we are edging slightly towards a winner… the [...]

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