Succulents in apothecary jars… wedding favours or just for you…

I love succulents. Our garden is rife with them. They are almost unkillable and are prolific reproducers… especially when you are trying to kill them or being passively indifferent. I decided to make this prolific reproduction work to my favour… quite literally, in the form of ‘succulent wedding favours’ for our recent wedding. Traditionally, wedding [...]

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Romantic interludes… Lady Sarojin Sunset Cruise and Shipwreck Dinner – Khao Lak, Thailand

In the order of romance, certain sacrifices need to be made. I am usually all in, so the sacrifices are generally made by my wonderful cherry babe, who was bravely going along with this whole ‘honeymoon thing’. We were actually on our honeymoon, so romantic activities are generally expected, although I tried to make my [...]

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Honeymoon Heaven… The Sarojin Resort – Khao Lak, Thailand

It is not easy deciding on a honeymoon destination… just sayin’… It is such an incredibly special moment in any newly married couple’s life, there is a certain sense of expectation and obligation, of how fantastic and ultimately, romantic, that once in a lifetime holiday is actually going to be. Criteria? Well, we had plenty… [...]

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