Maroochy River beauty… sunrise, breakfast and the boatsheds of Bradman Avenue

Okay, so I am not a morning person, I admit it. I would very much like to be. I hear early mornings are awesome… Mount Coolum is shrouded in mist, streaks of magenta and tamarind stretching across the sky as the sun emerges, the crisp coolness invigorating and you are much more productive. But alas, [...]

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Peter Brettell’s Braised Beef recipe… a true ‘nose to tail’ winter warmer

Peter Brettell's (Wild Rocket @ Misty's in Montville Head Chef and passionate local beef supporter) shared his braised beef recipe with me some time ago.  It is delicious!  With the cold weather it is a true 'nose to tail' winter warmer. If you are not familiar with the 'nose to tail' concept - it is the art of [...]

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Fishtales at The Golden Pig… stories of sustainability and divine seafood

Being a seafood lover, I love a good fishtale (pardon the pun), so when invited to The Fishtales Fisherman’s Club showcase at The Golden Pig, it took me all but 2 seconds to give a resounding, “I’ll be there”. It was an opportunity to meet some representatives of the seafood industry that are leading the [...]

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Sunshine Coast food… the bonus in supporting local food producers!

I love food, and I love cooking, but moreover I love locally produced food. There is a special bonus in locally produced food in that it is usually a lot fresher which generally translates to nutrient rich and full of flavour… and produced with an abundance passion! There has been a lot of talk lately [...]

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