Mount Coolum… a favourite Sunshine Coast climb with spectacular sunrise coastal views…

Having climbed/walked most of the prominent peaks of the Sunshine Coast, I almost overlooked the most obvious one; Mount Coolum. Not because I haven’t climbed it, but because I climb it so frequently I actually forgot that I haven’t written about it! I live on a slope just out of Bli Bli, and every morning [...]

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Tonya Jenning’s Taramasalata recipe… delicious dip for any occasion

Taramasalata, a ‘salad cream’ or dip, is a delicious Greek and Turkish meze dish served with thin ‘Melba’ style toast, crudités of vegetables, pita or crusty bread, or make some lavash. Tonya Jennings has a fabulous cooking school, Cooking on the Bay, based in Melbourne where this is one of the fabulous dishes that she will [...]

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Mt Cooroora… Sunshine Coast views that would make any ‘king of the mountain’ happy

Mt Cooroora has been on my ‘to climb’ radar for quite some time. We had done a string of easy climbs, and I was up for the challenge. In actual fact, this was ‘take two’ for Mt Cooroora – we had made a misguided attempt the week prior, which we had to abort. In a [...]

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Ethical farming practices… the Sunshine Coast’s meat producers and why it is so important!

Living on the Sunshine Coast, writing about our food industries, I spend a lot of time visiting farmers and seeking out food producers. I love the industry and everything that comes with it. The Sunshine Coast in particular is blessed with a number of producers that are focused on ethical farming practices, and wherever possible, [...]

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Real Food Festival… reasons to connect with the fabulous Sunshine Coast food producers

A little excited *squeal* - only 37 more sleeps until the 2015 Real Food Festival and with the launch of the Real Food Festival Program, there is a lot to get excited about. 12th -13th September are the dates you need to circle on your calendar, and then you need to download the program and [...]

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