The Falls Farm… heirloom vegetable inspiration on the Sunshine Coast

I have always had a secret yearning for my own personal market garden and the yearning has never been so great as when I visited The Falls Farm, located not far from Mapleton. Market gardens, by definition, are smaller scale operations that tend to be an amplified version of your backyard veggie patch. They are [...]

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Tempura Onion Flowers

My recent visit to The Falls Farm saw me come home with a bunch of fabulous pom pom-like red creole onion flowers. I though they would be magnificent in a vase… and then I was told that you could actually eat them, so after a call out on Instagram, Cameron Matthews, from The Long Apron, [...]

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Camel milk… QCamel, one of the Sunshine Coast’s great dairy farming innovations

The Sunshine Coast houses many secrets, and QCamel is one that I have only just discovered… with a little excitement, I might add. QCamel are farmers of camels for their milk – not something that you imagine happening on the Sunshine Coast. Based on the outskirts of Caloundra, the QCamel dairy is most certainly one [...]

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Gourmet Garnishes… edible flowers garnishing dishes of the Sunshine Coast

Flowers have always held a certain fascination for me, add to that the novelty of edible flowers and I am even more interested. A number of years ago I became quite obsessed with edible flowers. So much so, that I began writing a book about them. The book is still a work in progress, and [...]

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