Mighty Bean Tempeh – the Sunshine Coast’s mightiest bean of all and best tempeh ever!

I often say, I love all of my producers, and I do. And I know I shouldn’t have favourites, but when it comes to Mighty Bean Tempeh, and the two absolutely beautiful souls behind it, Julie and Michael Joyce, I can’t help it… they are one of my favourite producers and have been for over [...]

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Our Farm to Your Plate… grass fed beef, quite literally from their farm to your plate

Our Farm to Your Plate is a pastured beef producer based at Gunalda, north of Gympie. They are relatively new to the direct beef sales industry, though not at all new to the lifestyle and hard work to make it all happen, producing quality pastured beef that has been grass fed, grass finished and which [...]

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Hum Honey… a passion for bees, honey and the Sunshine Coast

I recently visited the home of my favourite Sunshine Coast honey producer, Hum Honey. Lovely Leisa Sams and her husband Tony, are based in Peachester, a very pretty part of the Sunshine Coast. High on the range, you are surrounded by many wonderful vantage points on their property, one in particular, overlooking the magical Glasshouse [...]

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Maleny Black Angus Beef… grass fed and grass finished beef direct from the farmer

Visiting Sunshine Coast beef producer Maleny Black Angus Beef in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland… There is nothing quite like the taste of grass fed beef. The only problem is, what is often passed off as grass fed, isn’t really, and the point of difference to observe here, is that what you really should be [...]

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