food + foodie fun

Okay, I admit it.  I am a food tragic. If I am not eating or preparing food, I am thinking, dreaming, lusting or writing about it. My life revolves around food and recipes.

Food takes on many hues for me; it is not only the flavour, but the imagery associated with food that inspires me.  It’s honesty in the preparation and the integrity in which the food makes it way there in the first place.

Follow some of my favourite recipes, or ponder over the ingredients in its most organic form. Follow both my favourite restaurants and cafes as I come upon them or find the time to write about them.

Then there is a little food whimsy, where if I haven’t been captured by its presentation I am fawning over the flavour.  Rehash, reinvent or reminisce some family traditions or challenge conventional opinions on the source of some of our food in Nose to Tail where we explore aspect of the food chain from the nose through to the tail…

Of course, after all of the hard work is done, I will need a moment or two to indulge in a little alcohol infused relaxation; wine, cocktails, liqueurs and spirits… a work related indulgence that in all theory, should require no further justification.