As a writer, there is always something that I find inspiring and in need of further exploration.  This is how I have come about creating most of the things that I create.  It is how my three books (A Gourmet Odyssey – Noosa to Mooloolaba, Ginger – the flavours and the flowers, and Shane Stanley’s Noosa Farmers’ Market), came about, and provided the impetus for Local Harvest ( an online regional food directory for the Sunshine Coast as well as Regional Foodie, an award-winning magazine dedicated exclusively to Sunshine Coast food.

I fall into things… it starts with a whimsical idea, which takes hold and turns into something more solid (some would call it an obsession), and then finally the creation.

In the journey of creation, there can be a lot that happens, a lot that is discovered, a lot of digression (forks in the road so to speak) that takes place, and an abundance of excessive images that are taken (never to be used).

In an attempt to give them purpose I thought it might be fun to share some of the journey of the creation, and then finally, if it happens, the creation itself.