The Cooking School Noosa… cooking up a Japanese storm with Wasabi’s executive chef, Zeb Gilbert!

I love Japanese food. There. I have said it. In fact, I love most things about Japanese cuisine, culture and arts. I think it is the attention to detail, and the simplistic extravagance that comes with most Japanese arts. Whether it is a tea ceremony, or the precision with which sashimi is sliced, or even [...]

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Shima Wasabi… for the love of ‘real’ wasabi, and Tasmania

Tasmania is a treasure trove of so many wonderful things, especially in the way of producers. Innovation is key and Tasmanians take pride in innovation often looking to climates of countries similar to their own for crops that have similar synergies, resulting in some fabulous experimental crops. One such crop, being pioneered by Shima Wasabi, [...]

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Wasabi Cured Kingfish Recipes

I love curing fish. I have previously posted some recipes of some cured kingfish, but I am always trying different variations. This time I had been sent some fabulously fresh wasabi from Shima Wasabi in Tasmania, so I was keen to try a few new combinations. While I used fresh wasabi, you can also use [...]

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