I love a good breakfast, but I am not really a bacon and eggs kind of girl. So I am never usually that excited about my first meal of the day… that is until I broke my fast at the Pigeon Hole Café.

As a guest to the Hobart breaky scene, I did not discover the Pigeon Hole Café by accident. Located on the corner of Molle and Goulburn Street, West Hobart, it is not really positioned to be found by accident.

My discovery came about though sourcing some peonies for my wedding, quite some months ago now. The peonies came to the rescue for me from Weston Farm, a grower of the spectacular flower, just out of Hobart. I noticed in my discovery that Weston Farm were also a grower of olives and producer of an award winning olive oil, as well as a vast range of seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs, all of which are utilised a their café they also owned, the Pigeon Hole Café. The plot thickens.

I am always banging on about provenance, well, here was provenance at its finest. Weston Farm/Pigeon Hole Café has it covered – they even bake their own sourdough bread and divine pastries and cakes. They do the whole paddock to plate experience, and they do it well.

I would have been happy to do breaky here every morning. It was a menu designed for me – no bacon and eggs in sight – well, not the traditional version of it at least. What was on the menu was an eclectic ensemble of dishes focussed on seasonal farm produce and other Tassy treats.

Inside the Pigeon Hole you will find the aforementioned cakes and pastries – it is impossible to just do coffee here!

The blackboard outside highlights the specials of the day, while a staple menu has the regular choices. Soft baked eggs and jamon replace the usual bacon and eggs options, Heidi Farm raclette (cheese), chicken liver parfait (yum!), croque monsieur (baked ham and cheese sandwich of sorts) and organic buckwheat porridge are the sort of dishes you will find on the menu in its stead. Farm grown ingredients are highlighted on the menu so you know exactly what Weston Farm produces.

So what did I have for breakfast? Ahhh, it was divine. One of the specials of the day, I had lovage cured salmon, beautifully fresh garden greens (nasturtium leaves, rocket, dill), crispy black radish slices, cherry tomatos, capers and a whimsical sprinkle of what looked like tarragon flowers (which may or may not have been).


My husband enjoyed the baked eggs and jamon and was also well satisfied, though he did say that mine looked pretty awesome – a bout of dining envy perhaps.